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Rename Master 3.12

Rename Master is a freeware utility designed to rename multiple files
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Rename Master is an excellent batch file renaming utility which allows you to modify the names and extensions of multiple files at once. With Rename Master you can also rename files by MP3 tags, JPEG JFIF and EXIF tags. The program is highly configurable and provides you with a range of features. It has a folder-browser feature to locate files for renaming, a floating thumbnail window for viewing pictures and thumbnails, an auto preview feature to preview all modifications before performing the renaming operation, and various renaming options so that you can change the filenames in the way you want. With Rename Master you can rearrange the filename by changing the positions of the different parts; also, you can add/replace characters in any part of the filename or the extension. It also provides you with an “Undo” button with which you can rollback the renaming operation.
One of the coolest features of Rename Master is that it allows you to save all your renaming options as a script which can be loaded later. This software is an intelligent tool that marks the collisions in red and displays an error message if it detects any collision while performing the renaming operation.
Interestingly, this fast and useful file renaming utility is absolutely free to use.

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  • Compatible with most of Windows OS
  • Fast and simple file-renaming software
  • Allows users to preview all modification before performing renaming operation
  • Allows users with various options for setting renaming parameters. Also allows users to use wildcard characters
  • Provides support for renaming by MP3 tags, JPEG JFIF and EXIF tags
  • Allows users to rollback renaming operation


  • Does not provide support for Linux and Mac OS
  • Substantial learning curve
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